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Sunday, 13 January 2019

2019 AGM

It was our AGM last night. Not too well attended unfortunately but below is a summary of the outcomes.

Myself, Andy Hutcheon and Nicky were again installed as chair, treasurer and secretary.

We've got about £300 in the bank with no commitments other than the hall costs and membership of the FAS (this gives us public liability insurance).

We are keeping subs and entry fees the same. Subs are now due for the year ahead please.
Last year we bought a projector and a hydrogen alpha telescope for the club (£300 for this from the coop). Our assets now include the above and 2 telescopes and a small astronomy library.
Events this year will be meteor watching in August and December with other ad hoc observing nights to be arranged.

We would like to have a stand at the Quay day in Burnham at the end of August. We need help to do this so if anyone wants to help please let us know. When we have enough firm commitments we'll try to book a space.

Ruth has agreed to help out at meetings as a membership secretary to take fees at the door (many thanks Ruth Walsh).

We also ask if anyone has any suggestions for talk topics or events you would like to have the club host please let us know.

We would like to encourage members and visitors to present member's talks on club nights so if you fancy a go let us know.

That's about that. Hope to see more of you in February for a talk on the Antikythera mechanism (bonus points if you already know what that is!).

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