Moon phase

Thursday 31 October 2019

Public Observing Nights

Right oh all. At our last monthly meeting I mentioned that we might have a secure dark sky site to arrange public observing. Today I met with the CEO (how posh is that!) of the site and discussed the possible arrangements.
So I'm after volunteers to help with observing nights. There will be 3 events (thus far as a trial), one each in January, February and March next year. The site (which I'll share when all is confirmed as it can't go ahead without your help!) is about a 20 minute drive from Burnham. We will need people to control club scopes and possibly bring their own and to act as sky guides to visitors. The site has facilities (volunteers will have free teas and soup etc on the night). It is envisaged that public will arrive from 6:30, observing then from 7-8:30. No dates yet but they will be non club Saturday nights.

I'm quite keen for the club to support this as the site will do all the arranging, we just have to turn up with our equipment. We will beable to promote astronomy to the wider world and may lead to further astronomical oportunities. If nothing else it will be a good excuse to get out and observe for us all.
Please let us know if you can help, the more the merrier