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2019 Events

Month           Date                           Topic                                              Speaker

January         Saturday 12th          Jodrell Bank                                    J. Press

February       Saturday 9th            The Antikythera Mechanism        R. Hookway

March            Saturday 9th            Introduction to astronomy day     EEAC members

April               13th                            Photometry                                    M. Crow

May                18th                            The Apollo Missions                      J. Press

June               8th                               Comets                                            N. James

July                Summer break, no meeting.
August           Summer break, no meeting.

August           Monday 12th – Tuesday 13th       Annual Perseid Meteor Watch

September    Saturday 7th             Evolution of the Solar System         R. Hookway

October         Saturday 12th          Radar Meteor Detection                   I. Lauwerys

November     Saturday 9th             Choosing a telescope                        J. Press

December     Friday 13th – Saturday 14th         Annual Geminid Meteor Watch

December     Saturday 14th          Maps of the Sky                                  J. Press

Village Hall, Arcadia Road,
Burnham on Crouch, CM0 8EF
£3 per person (£1 under 16s)
Join us from 18:45 – All ages and experiences welcome
Observing sessions arranged, club telescopes available.
Advice given on the purchase and use of astronomical equipment.
Courses on astronomical imaging available.
U16s must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Note: Event dates and talk subjects may be subject to change.

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