Moon phase

Sunday 20 May 2018


Slowly getting the hang of my new camera, a ZWO ASI 224mc. Much improved over the older Altair 130mc, higher frame rate and sensitivity. This means that lower gain can be used which results in less noise and the higher frame rate means points of good seeing can be captured more often. Still a way to go and it would help if Jupiter (and friends later in the year) weren't hugging the horizon.

Taken with an 8" Celestron Evolution, ZWO adtmospheric dispersion corrector, Revelation x2.5 barlow (telescope thus at F25), ASI224mc. Captured 13000 frames in 2 minutes in sharpcap pro, stacked in Autostakkert 2, 60% then processed in sharpcap. The moon to the lower left is Europa.

Sunday 13 May 2018

More News

Hi All,

I've had a chop around on the talk schedule. The Jodrell Bank talk which was going to be in June is taking a bit longer to research so I'm moving this to September and am doing summer and autumn objects instead in June.

Also we now have a listing on Metcheck,

this provides weather info for the area.



Saturday 5 May 2018


Hi all,

Bits of news for you all.

1. We were part of the local Coop group green token scheme and have been awarded £300 to go towards a solar scope, whoop!!

2. I've booked 2 external speakers for October and November and will update the event list when I've finalised details. October will see a talk about the UK meteor network, a group of video astronomers who record meteors and use their combined data to narrow down the orbital path of the objects. November sees a visit from the University of Kent to talk about a professional project using amateur images to monitor the proper motion of stars in clusters.

Best Wishes and clear skies