Moon phase

Thursday 28 February 2019

M&B Clarification

Hi everyone out there,

Just a quick clarification. The M&B have done their usual and cocked up an article about the introduction to astronomy day to be held on 9th March.

They have incorrectly stated that the day is free. The cost of the day is £15 per person with discounts available for members, under 16s and families.

Booking is mandatory as spaces are limited. Email for a booking form.

Sunday 10 February 2019

February Meeting

Saturday 9th February saw the EEAC's February meeting. We were due to enjoy a talk by Roy Hookway on the Antikythera mechanism, however we have had to rearrange this for a later date. We wish Cathy and Roy well and hope to see them both soon.

As a replacement John, chair of EEAC, gave a talk about the history of the Apollo moon missions to help commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. The talk covered the early space race, development of the Apollo hardware and the missions themselves. Also included was answers to the question how did they go to the loo in space, with a surprising, low tech solution and what happens when the solution goes wrong.

We'd like to thank the local press, the Focus and the Review for carrying our events as three new visitors came to the meeting as a result of their content.

Next month we will be running the introduction to astronomy course on 9th March. The day will run from 10-3 at the village hall. We will cover astronomical terms, how to find your way around the sky, different types of telescopes and mounts and how to take pictures of astronomical objects with simple equipment. In the evening, should skies be clear, we will use some of the club and club member's equipment to observe some objects in the night sky. Contact the club for details by commenting here or emailing We need bookings in by 1st March as we will be providing lunch and need to know numbers to make sure we cater for everyone.