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The East Essex Astronomy Club has a small but growing library of astronomy/science available for members to borrow.

Members can request books by email or Facebook.Books will be delivered to the next club meeting or collection can be arranged.

The current list of book is as follows.

The Sky At Night                                Sir Patrick Moore                             ISBN 0540079596
Astronomy                                           Essentials                                         ISBN 9781845617707
Observing the Constellations               John Sanford                                   ISBN 0855337486
The Atlas of the Solar System              Patrick Moore and Garry Hunt       ISBN 075370014X
A Short History of Nearly Everything  Bill Bryson                                     ISBN 9780552997041
13.8 Quest to Find Age of the Universe  John Gribbin                                ISBN 9781785781087
The Calendar                                            David Ewing Duncan                  ISBN 9781857029796
The Planets                                               Giles Sparrow                              ISBN 1905204779
A History of the World in 100 Objects     Neil MacGregor                          ISBN 9780241951774
A Brief History of Time                            Stephen W Hawking                   ISBN 0593015185
Patrick Moore on Mars                             Patrick Moore                              ISBN 1841880043
Patrick Moore on the Moon                      Patrick Moore                              ISBN 0304354694
Star Maps                                                  Neil Kanas                                   ISBN 9780387716688
A History of the World in 12 Maps           Jerry Brotton                               ISBN 9780141034935
Quantum                                                     Manjit Kumar                             ISBN 9781848310353
The Universe in a Nutshell                         Stephen Hawking                       ISBN 0593048156
Journey Beyond Selene                               Jeffery Kluger                            ISBN 0316648426
Black Holes and Baby Universes               Stephen Hawking                        ISBN 9780593034002
Surely You’re Joking Mr Fenyman            Richard P Fenyman                     ISBN 9780099173311
An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth      Chris Hadfield                              ISBN 9781447259947
Astrophotography                                       HJP Arnold                                  ISBN 0540083127
Decoding the Heavens                               Jo Marchant                                 ISBN 9780099519768
A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos   Mark Thompson                             ISBN 9780552170390
Comet                                                         Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan        ISBN 0747276641
The Afterglow of Creation                         Marcus Chown                             ISBN 0099280515
The Strange Theory of Light and Matter    Richard P Fenyman                     ISBN 9780140125054


  1. I have only just found out about the EEAS being in existence. Great to see you are in Essex. Will be at your next meeting in November. Mel Joslin

    1. Hi Mel, if you are on Facebook join our group for more information.


      Chair EEAC


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