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Sunday, 15 October 2017


Hi All,

Well, we had a good few in attendance on 6th of October for John's talk on Mars and Roy's presentation about his visit to the US to see "The Great American Eclipse" (all I can say is jealous!!). We also had the first outing for the club's new projector which enhanced the power point for all to see.

We had 2 TBAs on the calendar for the rest of 2017 which are now filled.

November we will have the top 10 sights in the winter sky. A run down of the objects, what they are, where they can be seen and the best way to see them, from the naked eye to larger telescopes. The talk will also cover how to capture some of the sights with simple photographic equipment.

December has Roy Hookway giving us his presentation on "The Life and Times of Charles Messier",which I'm looking forward to.

We are always happy for those in attendance to give 5 - 10 minute members talks (don't actually have to be a member but we have to call it something!). Just let us know in advance so we can schedule you in.

Do you have a topic that you would like more information on, an astronomical character you would like to hear about or an observing technique you would like to learn? Let us know as we are currently filling in calendar positions for talks for 2018.

In 2018 we are not going to have meetings in July and August. The past 3 years have seen dwindling attendance in these months so we are going to have a summer break. We will still have the Perseid night on 12th - 13th August (weather permitting).

Last and not least we still have a few slots for our 2018 calendar. Remember, anything astronomical goes and you must have visited us in 2017. We will produce a sample for you to look at and then take confirmed orders with deposits before we order in bulk.

Look forward to seeing you in November.

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