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Sunday, 3 September 2017

New Season

Hi All,

September sees the start of the next winter observing season as the sun crosses the ecliptic and we pass the autumn equinox. The light nights of summer with the summer triangle and Saturn are dipping into the western twilight as Capella and the Pleiades are rising in the East.

Our next meeting starts at 7pm on Saturday 9th September at the Village Hall in Burnham. The talk is going to be on how we find the distance to the stars. We will also be discussing an observing project that John has organised.

We would also like some help communicating meeting write ups and communications of meeting dates to the local press to help advertise our meetings. It won't take much time so if interested please let us know.

This site can now be reached via

We are also going to arrange some public observing sessions. We would like access to a dark, open space with good vehicle access so if you know of anywhere near by please let us know.

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